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Terminen con el Festival de Carne de Perro de Yulin en Guangxi, China

El próxima 21 de junio se realizará el Festival de Carne de Perro en Yulin, China. Andrea, una activista por los animales, cuenta en su petición que cerca de 10.000 miles perros serán capturados y asesinados, para ser comidos en este festival. 
“Este horroroso espectaculo no tiene lugar en el siglo XXI. Son demasiadas muertes. Debemos unirnos para acabar con esta atrocidad”.

Round two voting is now open

Vote for the 2017 Hero Dog

You did it! Choosing from among nearly 200 courageous canines, you and thousands of Americans coast to coast voted for your favorites, and we are proud to announce the 21 semifinalists for the 2017 American Humane Hero Dog Awards®, sponsored by the Lois Pope LIFE Foundation! See all of them right here.

Now we need YOUR help to choose the seven finalists who will go on to compete for the greatest honor any dog can earn. Starting today until June 28 at 12pm Pacific Time you can vote for one finalist each day.

The seven category winners will then be flown to Hollywood where they will vie to become the top 2017 American Hero Dog at this September’s annual American Humane Hero Dog Awards gala, which will be televised nationwide to millions this fall on Hallmark Channel.

Thank you for being these unsung heroes’ best friend and supporting your favorites every step of the way. So don’t forget to cast your vote today and every day until June 28 and may the best dogs win!
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American Humane

P.S. Be sure to bookmark herodogawards.org/vote to keep voting easy, and continue to vote once each day!
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